The PATHLOCATOR is the original, patented navigational circular slide computer wizard for student and professional pilots.

To date there is no other non-electronic computer in the market for ADF/VOR course intercepting which is a flight test item for all IFR pilot candidates. The PATHLOCATOR makes this difficult aerial exercise easy, shortens the time needed to execute these maneuvers and substantially reduces the overall cost of the training.

The PATHLOCATOR is a user-friendly, fail-safe and affordable training aid. Whether your task is to intercept an ADF TRACK, a VOR RADIAL or entering a HOLDING PATTERN, the PATHLOCATOR will help you to complete the required maneuver all the time, without fail and will give you an unparalleled edge in the cockpit or in the simulator during your training.

The image on the right is interactive :   

STEP #1:  Click on    PRESENT TRACK TO  - your present track to or radial to station

STEP #2:  Click on    NEW TRACK TO  - the new required track or radial to station

STEP #3:  You can intercept and follow the track or radial to station at any angle within the green sector.

STEP #4  Steer you heading towards the direction you read opposite to you chosen intercept angle (between 90˚and 60˚)  

STEP #5  repeat session - Click on PRESENT TRACK TO  again


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